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LED mirrors are the new trending interior products in town! The main reason for its popularity is its beauty and its cost. These mirrors are available at very reasonable prices in Pakistan. The high-quality glass and LED lights determine the durability of this product. These mirrors are also low maintenance and very easy to clean. LED lights are easily replaceable and usually have a long life. Most people prefer these LED Mirrors in their bathroom or their dressing room as they dress up for the day. These mirrors tend to give a clearer image of the face. Light mirrors are available in many different shapes and designs. At Mehshan Interiors, you will find a variety of stylish mirror designs at cheap prices that will make it difficult for you to choose from! In this blog, we’ll discuss some unique ways in which you can decorate these mirrors at your place.

Places to Decorate LED Mirrors

You need to find a good spot to fix your light mirror. A place where the mirror would look good and its existence would make sense. These mirrors come in various designs along with minor differences depending on the place of use. Some of the common locations where you can use your LED mirrors are:


A mirror is a must-have accessory in the bathroom or the restroom. This is because people freshen up, do their makeover and get ready for the day there. Bathroom mirror with lights gained popularity instantly. Since then, LED mirrors are the most commonly used bathroom mirrors in modern homes and commercial buildings. These mirrors are available in multiple shapes and designs.

Dressing room/Vanity room

Vanity mirrors are very common in dressing rooms. Vanity mirrors have light bulbs fixed at the corners of the mirror. These light mirrors are fixed directly above the dressing table. The premium quality LED lights form a fine image on the mirror. These help in getting ready for work and events more efficiently. These mirrors also help in applying makeup and making hairstyles efficiently. Some people also prefer full-length standing mirrors in their dressing rooms. You can also find these at our furniture shop.


Light mirrors are also very useful in bedrooms. Many people decorate LED mirrors in their bedrooms to give it a fancier look. These mirrors are usually placed on the wall. These come in many shapes such as square, rectangle, round, oval, etc. Many LED mirror designs are specifically designed for bedrooms. For example, LED mirror with wooden frames or back-lit LED mirrors with fancy metallic frame.

Lounge/Drawing room

These mirrors are a perfect way to give your sitting room a new and unique look. You can place these mirrors on the wall above the sofas. That way your guests can get a beautiful background in their pictures. You can also fix them on the wall beside the dining tables. The rectangular LED mirrors are usually preferred for these spaces.


If you want to set up a LED mirror in a professional setup, you can place it in the corridor or the hallway. These mirrors lift the area’s aesthetics while people walking around can ensure they look perfect in the office or the hotel.

Other Furniture Items that Compliment LED Mirrors

Choosing the perfect location to place your mirror with LED lights is not enough! You also need to place some items around the mirror that look good with it. These items are very cheap and available easily in Pakistan. The addition of these small elements to the mirror adds to the overall beauty of the room and gives a unique look. These items are also available for sale at Mehshan Interiors. Some of these items are as follows:

Dining table

A very unique way to decorate your light mirror is by placing it on the wall adjacent to the dining table. This is because food photography is gaining huge popularity. Therefore, these mirrors add beauty and aesthetics to these pictures.

Sofa Set

As much as a nice sofa set gives the lounge and drawing room a fabulous look, a stylish LED mirror on the wall adds to the overall beauty. These mirrors give the room a bigger and cleaner look. Other than that, it adds to the aesthetics of the room and provides a good space for taking pictures.

Sink/Bathroom Cabinet

The perfect location for your LED bathroom mirror is just above the sink. You can also place a small storage cabinet beside the mirror to keep your face washed, shaving creams, beauty soaps, and other beauty-related products.

Console Table

If you place a LED mirror in the passage or corridor, you can place a console table underneath it. A table always adds to the beauty of the mirror. You can place a beautiful flower vase or a perfume, hairbrush, and other necessary beauty products in the drawers of the console table that will help in the final touch-up before leaving the house.


You can place a vertical LED mirror or a small square LED mirror just beside your cupboard where you store your outfit, shoes, jewelry, and other dressing accessories. A mirror with LED lights will help you select the outfit and the accessories more efficiently. It’ll give you a clearer color of the things along with a neat image of your overall look.

Other Decorative Items

Some other small items that look good with these mirrors include leaf fences, small colorful fairy/decorative lights, and candy wall shelves. The latest design top quality candy shelves are available on our website. You can find decorative lights on our website.


High-quality glass mirrors are very attractive and give the room a very elegant look. These mirrors are available in a variety of different designs. The lights also consume very less electricity thus having little to no impact on your electricity bill. Some of these mirrors even run on batteries. These mirrors are not very hard to find. You can easily get unique design LED mirrors in Pakistan. Mehshan Interiors have the best design LED mirrors. You can get these online from anywhere in Pakistan. Also, LED mirrors are very inexpensive. You can visit our website to know the LED mirror price in Pakistan and to get them delivered safely to your doorstep.

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