50+ Best Law Dissertation Topics for Students to Impress the Professor!


Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of law dissertations? Don’t worry; here are 50+ incredible dissertation topics law that will leave your professor thoroughly impressed.

Let’s face it, writing a dissertation can be a daunting task, but with the right topic, you can turn it into a thrilling adventure. Whether you are interested or not in criminal law, corporate law, human rights law, or any other area of the legal field, we have something for everyone.

Maybe you are thinking: “But legal jargon is so boring!” Fear not, dear student. Our handpicked selection of topics is guaranteed to keep you engaged and entertained. From the impact of social media on the justice system to the legal implications of time travel, all topics are covered here.

Criminal Law:

  • The use of forensic science in criminal inquiries: A comparative study of the UK and the USA.
  • The impact of police body cameras on the criminal justice system.
  • The significance of restorative justice programs for juvenile offenders.
  • The role of the insanity defence in criminal trials.
  • The legal implications of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences.
  • The legal implications of police use of force in the United Kingdom.
  • The effect of the death penalty on the criminal justice system.
  • The effectiveness of hate crime laws in addressing bias-motivated crimes.
  • The role of mental health in criminal sentencing.
  • The legal implications of wrongful convictions and exonerations.

Corporate Law:

  • The Corporate governance and the protection of shareholder rights.
  • The impact of corporate social obligation on shareholder value.
  • The legal implications of insider trading and securities fraud.
  • The role of arbitration in resolving international business disputes.
  • The impact of intellectual property laws on innovation in the technology industry.

Human Rights Law:

  • The impact of international human rights treaties on domestic law.
  • The significance of the UN Human Rights Council in promoting human rights.
  • The legal implications of using drones in targeted killings.
  • The role of transitional justice in post-conflict societies.

The European Court of Human Rights’ consequence on protecting human rights in Europe.

Environmental Law:

  • The effectiveness of the Clean Air Act in reducing air pollution.
  • The legal implications of climate change on human rights.
  • The role of international law in protecting endangered species.
  • The impact of fracking on the environment and public health.
  • The effectiveness of environmental impact assessments in protecting the environment.

Constitutional Law:

  • The role of the Supreme Court in interpreting the Constitution.
  • The legal implications of government surveillance on privacy rights.
  • The impact of the Second Amendment on gun control laws.
  • The effectiveness of the First Amendment in protecting freedom of speech.
  • The role of the Commerce Clause in regulating interstate commerce.

International Law:

  • The legal implications of cyber warfare.
  • The effectiveness of international criminal tribunals in prosecuting war crimes.
  • The part of the International Court of Justice in resolving disputes between states.
  • The impact of the United Nations in promoting international peace and security.
  • The legal implications of humanitarian intervention in international law.

Miscellaneous Topics:

  • The impact of social media on the justice system.
  • The legal implications of time travel.
  • The effectiveness of animal welfare laws in protecting animals from cruelty.
  • The role of free speech in protecting hate speech.
  • The legal implications of driverless cars.
  • The result of Brexit on UK employment law.
  • The role of the International Labour Organization in promoting workers’ rights.
  • The legal implications of workplace discrimination.
  • The effectiveness of the Americans with Disabilities Act in protecting the rights of disabled individuals.
  • The role of unions in protecting workers’ rights.
  • The impact of the #MeToo movement on sexual harassment laws.
  • The legal implications of revenge porn.
  • The effectiveness of stalking laws in protecting victims of stalking.
  • The function of the criminal justice system in prosecuting domestic violence cases.
  • The legal implications of child marriage.
  • The impact of immigration laws on human rights.
  • The role of international organizations in addressing the refugee crisis.
  • The legal implications of border walls and immigration policies.
  • The effectiveness of asylum laws in protecting the rights of refugees.
  • The role of immigration policies in shaping national identity.


So, settle into your favourite study spot, and prepare to tackle your law dissertation enthusiastically and easily. This list of 50+ incredible dissertation topics law is the only guide you will need to succeed in your dissertation journey. 

So, don’t forget about the most important factor – impressing your professor! With this list of topics, you can showcase your intellectual prowess and analytical skills in a way that will leave your professor begging for more. Thus, use these topics to make your dissertation valuable and engaging and score high grades. Still, if it is troubling you, then you can take assistance from dissertation writing service providers in the UK. They not only help you with topic selection but also prepare a document on that topic for you. So, ask for dissertation help and get instant support 24×7.

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